LinMot offers its customers a sophisticated and dedicated linear drive system that can be easily integrated into all leading control systems. A high degree of standardization, delivery from stock and a worldwide distribution network insure the immediate availability and excellent customer support. Our aim is to push linear direct drive technology and make it a standard machine design element. We offer highly efficient drive solutions that make
a major contribution to the overall resource conservation effort.

The products from LinMot and MagSpring

Linear Motors

LinMot motors are electromagnetic direct drives in tubular form. The linear movement is generated entirely electrically and wear-free without the use of mechanical gears, spindles or belts.

Linear Guides / Linear Modules

LinMot linear guides are compact guide units for linear motors. The guides are used to support the load, to absorb external forces, handle torsional and bending moments, and at the same time as an anti-rotation device.

Linear Rotary Motors

LinMot’s linear rotary motors are characterized by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed. They can be used to realize both linear and rotary movements across many applications.


MagSpring components generate a constant force over the entire working range, whereas a typical characteristic curve of a mechanical spring shows a path-dependent increase in force.

Servo Drives

LinMot Servo Drive are compact positioning controls with one or more power units for controlling the motors and an intelligent control unit with integrated position control. T


LinMot’s range of accessories, which is matched to the linear motors, allows the quick and uncomplicated realization and commissioning of a wide variety of tasks.