The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing


We took innovative technology we first developed for NASA during the space and applied to a wide range of automated industrial assembly applications. Even after 50 years of leadership we still manufacture the most versatile and reliable lineup of leak and flow testers in the industry. And no one has more combined leak-testing experience than the professionals at Uson.

Market leader for dynamic measurement technology

Kistler Instruments Corporation

Our servo presses help you take action against climate change – with highly flexible joining modules for maximum energy efficiency. n assembly press typically includes a joining module, a servo amplifier plus a force displacement evaluation unit. Electromechanical joining modules offer outstanding energy efficiency as compared to hydraulic and pneumatic applications. By introducing the maXYmos product family, Kistler has become the only provider to offer you an end-to-end system that covers a vast range of industrial operations: from monitoring of force-displacement processes to high-precision force-regulated control of joining modules.

Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treatment for Improving Surface Adhesion

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Enercon Industries offers a wide array of plasma and flame treating technologies for activating surfaces for improved adhesion. Treatment is needed because surfaces often exhibit low surface energy and impediments that prevent successful bonding. Plasma and flame surface treatment clean surfaces by removing organic and inorganic surface contaminants, micro etch surfaces to create additional surface bonding sites, and activate surfaces to create stronger bonds.