Servo Press System Overview

Kistler Servo Press Systems Overview

Kistler Servo Press Models


Low forces servo press

  • Extremely wide measuring range of 0.05 … 1.5 kN
  • Dual range
  • High-precision force measurement via telemetry
  • Certified for ISO 14644-1 class 8 clean room use (7 possible)
  • High velocity for very short cycle times
  • High overload capacity of sensor


Economy Servo press

  • Measuring range 10 … 80 kN
  • Cost-effective design
  • Measuring direction push
  • Compact dimensions
  • Uniform operating philosophy using maXYmos NC


Kistler standard servo press

  • Measuring range 5 .. 300 kN (higher forces, and strokes available)
  • Force feedback control, High velocity
  • High measuring accuracy for all ranges
  • Active compensation of process compression for exact positioning
  • Available for compression/tension application


Kistler clinching servo press

  • NC joining module NCFC, weight optimized and compact NC joining module
  • Measuring range: 55 kN
  • 200 mm stroke
  • Speed 220 mm/s, without holding brake (N)

Kistler NCFH Servo Press


Hollow Shaft Motor and Compact Design

• Force feedback control
• High measuring accuracy in two ranges
• High velocity
• Active compensation of process compression for exact
• No external PC with special software required
• Absolute encoder, eliminates reference point determination
• Low maintenance

Kisler Servo Press


For Joining Processes and Rotational Movement

• Compact design thanks to hollow-shaft motors
• Axial forces of up to 15 kN, torque of up to 50 N·m
• Maximum dynamic thanks to cutting-edge drive
• High speed of travel with up to 400 mm/s
• Absolute encoder for displacement and crank angle
• Optional torque sensor including amplifier

NCFS Servo Press


for Joining Operation with Small Center Distance

• Force signal
• Integral charge amplifier
• High measuring accuracy in two ranges
• High speed
• High rigidity
• Precise guidance
• High level of sensor overload protection

maXYmos Process Controller

maXYmos Process Controller
Process Controller

maXYmos BL

Monitor sophisticated evaluation curves

  • 16 measuring programms
  • Up to 8000 XY-values per curve
  • Color touchscreen
  • up to 4 evaluation objects per curve
  • Functionality expandable via licensing
maXYmos process controller
Process Controller

maXYmos TL

Monitor sophisticated evaluation curves

  • 128 Measuring programs
  • Display module with 10.4″ color touchscreen
  • innovative Evaluation objects: ENVELOPE, GET-REF, BREAK, DELTY-Y, CALC, DIG-IN
  • Sequencer Mode with 256 programmable sequence steps

What is a servo press?

Kistler Assembly servo press is a proven custom press application solution with many applications in the automotive, medical, electronics, etc. with force, torque & displacement built-in monitoring & data collection – interfaces with multiple software -.

Application Examples

Examples of servo presses include electromechanical joining systems to produce joints of various types using processes such as press-fitting, caulking, riveting, embossing, clinching, and so on. They are used in automatic production plants as well as manually controlled workstations.

These systems are used frequently throughout the automotive industry, for applications such as New Energy Vehicles (NEV), engine and transmission assembly, steering systems, chassis, brakes, injection pumps and airbags, and also for various electric motors such as those for windshield wipers. Additional key application areas include the medical devices sector, the electronics, and domestic appliances industries, and power tools.

A joining system such as a servo press typically comprises a joining module (also known as a “joining spindle”), a servo amplifier, and a force-displacement evaluation unit. Process monitoring systems are used for quality assurance. On the basis of data from force and displacement sensors, they evaluate and document the force-displacement profiles (XY curves) for joining and press-fit processes. 

As well as monitoring the process, it is also possible to control it in real-time. Various standard functions are available for these purposes, including force cutoff and control, gradient and inflection point detection, as well as a signal or position-based joining.

Why the Kistler servo press for assembly automation applications?

Kistler Servo Presses are rated 100% of rated force.  For example a 100 kN model  – you can run it at 100 kN. There is no derating.

Easy Programing – See video on how simple it is to setup a program

  • No PC required
  • Software – maXYmos Offline Tool –  (Change joining profile, import csv files, off-line evaluation of objects, backup)
  • PC Software (Backup, restore, firmware, analysis of curve, easy statistics)

Plug and Play Data Collection 

  • USB Data logging, Hard drive, VNC, fieldbus
  • Standard formats- CSV, XML,  PDF, PVT 
  • Q-DAS, QDA-9 ,IPM (Integrated Process Management), QualityWorX

What are safety options available on the Kistler Servo Press?

  • Safe-Torque-Off (STO) is standard on all models
  • Safety Zone Box

Leading fieldbus as standard offer – (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, and EtherCAT)