Gear boxes, Motors, Drives, Rack and Pinion

Gear Boxes, and Gear Motors

The STOBER drive system consisting of gear units, motors and drive controllers has a modular design and is freely scalable – for tailor-made, compact and powerful machine concepts. It can therefore be adapted to your individual requirements and combined as needed in nearly all industries and application areas.

Smart Servo Steppers, Smart Servos & Linear Actuators

Nanotec Electronics
Smart Servos & Steppers

Nanotec Electronic specializes in precise, high-performance drive solutions. We offer a broad range of integrated motors, brushless DC motors and stepper motors, as well as motor controllers and linear actuators that are primarily used in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices.

LinMot Linear Servo Actuators

Linear Servo Actuator
LinMot Linear Servo Acutators

LinMot offers its customers a sophisticated and dedicated linear drive system that can be easily integrated into all leading control systems. Our product range is adjusted to provide the customer with all the necessary components for linear drive systems from a single source. Our aim is to push linear direct drive technology and make it a standard machine design element. We offer highly efficient drive solutions that make a major contribution to the overall resource conservation effort.

Motion Controllers, Servo Drives, Servo Motors

Trio Motion Technology
Motion Controllers & Servo Drives

Trio Motion Coordinators, can control up to 128 axes of servo, stepper and piezo motors as well as hydraulic systems. Trio’s expertise of motion programming is based within its Motion-iX technology. Launch of the new DX4 servo drive and motor packages now develops Trio’s offering into a motion solution in addition to providing motion controllers for automation vendors and system integrators.