Sprint mD – Medical Device Leak Testing Instrument

Medical Device Leak Testing

All SprintmD Testers come with an impressive list of features:

  • Sequential, concurrent, multichannel leak testing
  • Programmable though intuitive touch screen
  • Configurable test methods with Pass/Fail criteria at each step
  • Program Quick setup
  • Program linking for complex test sequences
  • Profile graphs with sample logging
  • End of Cycle- Hold on Reject
  • Copy and Import Programs
  • Language support : Chinese, Korean, etc.
  • Field Bus; Modbus RTU (standard), Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus
  • A3 Network for assistance with 21 CFR11

Test Type
  • Pressure decay testing
  • Flow Testing
  • Occlusion testing
  • Sealed component testing
  • Volume verification testing
  • Inter-lumen decay testing
  • Vacuum decay testing
  • Back-pressure testing
  • Seal creep testing
  • Burst testing
  • crack Testing
  • Fast flush device testing

Medical Devices Leak Tested
  • Ventilator Breathing Circuits
  • Trocars
  • CPAP Breathing Circuits
  • Laparoscopic ports
  • Humidification Chambers
  • Robotic Surgery End effectors
  • Airway flow control valves
  • Mask extension tubes
  • Tubing sets (Solution/Blood)
  • CPAP Heat/Moisture exchangers
  • Inline Respiratory filters
  • IV Tubing sets
  • Anesthesia/Oxygen Nasal Cannula
  • Flow Regulators

  • Ventilators
  • Vials
  • Blood bags
  • Filters
  • pumps

Sprint mD Application & Setup Videos

Pressure Decay



Sequential / Flow

1 cc leak with Sprint mD

Back Pressure Flow

Flexible & Pliable Testing

Quick Setup

Mass Flow

Barcode Scanner

Seal Component

Sprint mD Overview